Jesus is the perfect example of compassion in action and He calls his followers to do the same. We are to pour out sacrificial generosity just as He did for us.

The Fellowship Care Ministry provides practical, spiritual and emotional support especially to those in the Fellowship community here in the UAE who are experiencing significant hardship.

We are very aware that because of the Coronavirus concerns at present you may be struggling at various levels. It may be at the practical level of finances or food, or the emotional/spiritual level of coping with the current changes.

Our Care Teams can assist. If you have a need, please get in touch with one of the Care Teams by filling in one of the forms and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Jobseekers Toolkit Course

The Job Seekers Course equips you with practical skills to aid your job search. The course also takes a look into God’s word to give the perspective of Him as provider and helper. The course walks you through the important steps to finding the right job for you. For example, Job Search techniques; How to Write a Winning CV; Preparing for the Interview and Negotiating Your Package.

This course is a 2-session course for anyone who is looking for a job OR planning to make a career change. The objective of the course is to give you the skills you need to find a job in the Dubai job market.

Job Seekers Toolkit Course

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