Read Hebrews 12:18-29 with a friend and remember the main points from today’s talk:  

I. Mt. Sinai was a place of Fear of Danger (Hebrews 12:18-21)


II. Mt. Zion was a place where people could delight in belonging with God. (v. 19-24) 


III. Encouragement to Listen to Jesus (v. 25-29) 

  • Don’t refuse Jesus speaking (v. 25) 
  • Warning for those who don’t listen (v. 26-27)
  • Encouragement for those are in His unshakeable kingdom (28-29) 

Remember the passages that tell the backstory of Hebrews 12:

  • Exodus 19-20
  • Deuteronomy 5 
  • Genesis 4 
  • The book of Hebrews


Discussion Questions:

  • What are my top three fears? What do I fear the most? 
  • Am I fearing the right things? 
  • How might fear be impacting the way I think and act? 
  • Look at the different descriptions of the two mountains, what is the reason they are different experiences of God? 
  • Do I delight in the truth that I belong with God because of Jesus? Have I put my trust in Jesus yet? 
  • What would life look like if I responded gratefully to God by worshiping Him in reverence and awe during the next week? 
  • As I listen to Jesus as a citizen of God’s unshakeable kingdom, what is one next step I can take right now?