2nd Chances

A note from Pastor Jim:

All of us have made mistakes and many of us have made major mistakes. Sadly, some of us see ourselves as deeply flawed people who must hide our past. While that may not surprise you, something that might is how many people in the Bible fall into that “deeply flawed category”. It’s not an exaggeration to say most of the main charters in Scripture made major mistakes. Yet, in each case God gave them 2nd chances – in some cases, 3rd and 4th chances. How is that possible? Can God really be that understanding and forgiving? Is there hope for me even after all I’ve done? 

Join us for our fall series, “2nd Chances: Experiencing God’s Grace”. This is going to be one of the most relevant and meaningful series we’ve ever done. Let me encourage you to do everything possible to come to one of our Friday services or tune in online. And bring a friend with you. Believe me, they’ll thank you.