Being an expat in Dubai is hard. We have left family, friends, and familiar surroundings behind to live in this exciting city. Once we land in Dubai, we set out to lay down roots by making new friends, connecting with new communities, and exploring our new home. Often, that can be challenging. People are frequently moving in and out of Dubai, and it can be difficult to build real connections in such a transient place.

We find hope in God’s gift of “framily” – friends who feel like family. Friends + Family = Framily. 

You may have found a few close friends or coworkers who you consider part of your Dubai family, or you may still be looking for those people and feel extremely lonely. At Fellowship, there is a place for everyone in our framily because everybody matters to God.

In our new 4-week series, we’re going to define what makes us a framily at Fellowship. We are the family you can choose; a tribe that is always open to new members; a group that is united because of Jesus.

If you have ever felt alone, or ever worry about being alone, remember that we are connected with God and with one another. We are in this adventure together as friends as close as family - as framily.