God's (Not So) Super Heroes

We’re all in love with superheroes. From the earliest Greek myths to the days of comics and cartoons, to today’s blockbuster films, there’s something fascinating about bigger than life heroes.

Did you know the Bible has its own superheroes? Actually, it might be more accurate to refer to them as “not so” super heroes. These men and women were called upon to do heroic things. When God’s people were desperately in need of rescue, God would raise up a person with the ability to deliver them. These were ordinary people with special gifts such as courage, strength, wisdom, leadership, vision, and the ability to unite people to win great victories. These were God’s superheroes.

Unfortunately, like many of their fictional counterparts, God’s superheroes had some serious weaknesses. Some were, at times, barely able to rescue themselves. But with God’s help, these heroes accomplished great things, and their stories are fascinating.

God’s (Not So) Super Heroes are found in the book of Judges. This summer, we’re going to be telling a different Judge’s story each week. You won’t want to miss a Friday of this exciting and action-packed series.