Cathleen Rotich
Phone: +971 4 244 3280

Cathleen and her family came to Dubai in December 2014 and they have been attending Fellowship since early 2015. She has recently joined the Equip for Life team at Fellowship. Cathleen loves people and enjoys a good hearty laugh! She is a reader and on any given day you will find her reading something new or old even if it is her children’s Famous Five. Well…… and then she discovered Netflix! Her favorite author is John Grisham and she loves high suspense, legal investigative series like CSI, NCIS, House MD, and Suits! Cathleen is passionate about cross culture and longs to contribute to the Church through cross-cultural leader development initiatives. Her personal desire is to make a friend from every single country in the world and so on any given week, Cathleen intentionally meets and hangs out with people from ​different places.




Top 3

  Cities   Books   Movies
1. Sydney, Australia 1. Culture Map by Erin Meyers 1. Pride and Prejudice
2. Vienna, Austria 2. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell 2. The Sound of Music
3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 3. Good to Great by Jim Collins 3. Princess Diaries