Sade is an avid traveler who has lived and worked in Bahrain, Kenya, Sierra Leone, her country Nigeria and most recently, Dubai.  She and her husband Idowu moved to Dubai in 2014 with their two jewels Feyi and Kitan.  Sade started attending Fellowship in 2015 and knew she had finally found a place she could call home. Sade is excited about working for the Connection Ministry as it gives her a chance to help others find their place as others helped her find her place. She loves dancing and singing (off-key) to gospel songs.


Top 3

  Cities   Hobbies   Superpowers
1. Lagos 1. Swimming 1. Flying
2. New York 2. Binge watching shows like Gilmore Girls 2. Telekinesis
3. London 3. Connecting with people 3. Teleportation