Call to 3-Day Solemn Fast For the UAE

For 40 days leading to Pentecost, more than 300 believers in this nation earnestly prayed day and night for God to heal the land of COVID-19. Two months later, the UAE is in the top 15 safest nations for this pandemic. We know God has heard our prayers!

As nations are now experiencing the second wave of infections, we have all felt our 2nd wave to be that of economic challenges. Right now, there are many people hurting and without work, barely able to make ends meet. But we know God will do the miraculous if we unite again in prayer. For every person in need and for the harvest, we cannot miss this moment.

Join the body of Christ nationwide for a 3-day fast to turn the tide of economic challenges from Sunday, 2 August at 8 pm to Wednesday, 5 August at 8 pm. Sign up (The Upper Room Schedule) to fill one or more 30-min prayer watches or just text your information and your preferred prayer watch schedule to 052 316 0517.

There will be corporate Zoom prayer every evening, from Sunday to Wednesday, from 8 pm to 9 pm. You can also join the Upper Room WhatsApp group (Join the group here) to get access to the corporate prayer Zoom link. You can also use the WhatsApp group to share when you are starting your prayer watch, and share encouragements