One definition of the word “dumb” is, “To appear or act as if mentally defective.” It’s an Old English word and comes from a root which means “dust or dirt”. People who lacked intelligence were always looking at the ground obvious to their surroundings. Smart people were those who were looking ahead to see what was coming.

On Fridays, we have been looking at dumb things otherwise intelligent people believe to be true – the things which keep our eyes (and minds) in the wrong places.

This week, we’re looking at an Arabic word each of us in Dubai has heard and probably have said. It’s a fine word and, properly used, is a smart thing to say. Unfortunately, many of us use it completely inappropriately and in a very “dumb” way.

What’s the word? How do we misuse it? Why does it matter?

Join us this Friday to find out…and invite an Arabic-speaking friend. I think they’ll find it helpful as well.