A Tale of Two Thrones: Elijah's Legacy 


When Zane left the boy band One Direction, it was as if time stood still… that is, if you are a “Directioner”! Young people (girls) wailed in the streets, "How will we go on? What will happen next?” they cried out in fear. It was the end of an era, some said. But the truth is the music went on… and on, and on…. and on.


In 2 Kings 2 we read that Elijah is gone. "What will God do next? How will we go on?” the people asked.


Admittedly, it’s a silly comparison, but the question is real, what will happen now that Elijah is gone? What of God's word? What of His power and wisdom? What of His grace? How will we know of it without Elijah?


Make sure you’re at church on Episodes to hear how God answers these questions not only through Elisha, but also through you and me.