Pastor Tim Keller of New York City has written, “There is nothing more important or more practical for sufferers than hope – the hope that God will one day remove all suffering and injustice…This is a life-transforming, living hope.”

Does unpunished evil bother you as much as it does me? I have to be honest and tell you, I anguish over innocent people being victimized by the wicked. Every time a child gets abused, every time a woman gets trafficked, every time a bomb kills a father, or blows the leg off a son, I get angry. Why doesn’t someone do something?

Add to that all the unfair, unjust, and cruel things that have happened to each of us in life and we are all desperate for answers. Where is God in this? When is He going to do something about it? This Episode, we’ll find out. Join us as we look at “Hope – In God’s Justice”.