As we bring an end to our series “How Not to be Jerk” (a study in Colossians), we have one last question to ask – “What do I do next?” Paul answers the question in chapter 4 where he urges us to “make the best use of your time” and “study how to respond to each person you meet.” 

Paul is saying that we, as “ex-jerks” will stand out among our peers. Jerks have become so prevalent in our society that we’re shocked when people behave civilly. We can create “jerk-free zones” with our attitudes and actions, which will draw people to us. Being a jerk creates so much “drama”. Not being a jerk creates so much kindness and respect. 

How do you create a “jerk-free zone”? Exactly what is that and how will it help me to accomplish my goals? Join us for this episode as we find the answers.