I hate moving, don’t you? Alanda and I moved last summer. It was terrible. It was time-consuming. It was torturous. And yet, it was also terrific because we had the opportunity to “declutter” our lives. As we “dejunked” our living space, we wondered: how is it possible we can gather so much unneeded and useless stuff in such a short time? We’d only lived in our previous place for four years, but we had boxes of unneeded things – things we ended up either giving away (as in, now my junk is your problem to deal with) or simply throwing away.

Did you know our lives and our souls can be places where junk collects as well? Many of us are weighed down with bad habits, bad attitudes, bad memories, and bad behaviour we need to get rid of. We need to “dejunk” our lives. Jesus can help. He is the master life coach and with His help, we can discover a 2019 free from the “junk” we don’t need in our lives.