None of us ever sets out to collect junk. Even those who collect junk on purpose value what they’ve accumulated. Yet, over and over again, we find our lives cluttered with it.

At the beginning, we value everything we have. But all too often, the things we thought we couldn’t live without today become tomorrow’s junk over time.

How does something that was once so good become so worthless? 

This week in our “Take My Junk” series, we’re going to be asking that question about our relationships – especially our sexual relationships. We’re going to be asking, "How does a relationship that can seem so indispensable today become not just junk, but toxic, tomorrow?”

"Take my junk!" is a plea. It is a desperate request from us to God, asking him to put right what is so out of order in our lives.

Discover how God can take the sexual junk out of our lives and restore us to the perfection of his purity in Jesus.