We tend not to notice our own junk, but we notice others’ trash easily. Our colleague’s workspace may seem untidy, but our papers that have been stacked for weeks just blend into the background of life. The clutter on our bookshelves doesn’t look so bad after a while. Someone else’s car can seem really dirty, but we don’t notice the candy wrappers, parking receipts, or papers stuck in between our own seats.

Seeing others’ “junk” is easy, but what do we see when we look in the mirror? Even if we see things we
don’t like, do we think of our own “junk” as something that's dangerous to us?

We conclude our “Take My Junk” series by examining personal “junk” that is very hazardous if ignored. It is like an aggressive mold that spreads throughout our whole lives infecting every area if left unchecked. We will be talking about pride. Individual people and entire nations have fallen because of being puffed up. Arrogance is a junky attitude that points to a deep-rooted problem.