Conversations are everywhere in our lives. Some conversations aren’t of great importance and go unnoticed – things like typing emails for work, tapping out messages on our phones, or simply catching up with friends and family. Other conversations are of greater importance – discussions in a boardroom, deliberations in a courtroom, or consultations in a hospital room.

Of all the conversations we have, sometimes the most vital conversations of all can go by unnoticed. At times impromptu, these conversations are of the utmost importance. Lasting anywhere from minutes to years in duration, these exchanges can have life-long impact. What conversations could be so important? These aren’t just chats, these are dialogues involving THE conversation – the good news of Jesus. Nothing could be more important to talk about.

As important as the conversation about Jesus is, those who follow Jesus can find these chats intimidating or challenging to have. Explore not only what the conversation sounds like, but how to talk with others about the life-changing truth of Jesus.