Those of us who follow Jesus know how good it is to be forgiven and then transformed by God. We know the delight of being his sons and daughters and the security that brings to every area of our lives. We also long for others to join us as we follow our king.

We know that we’re following Jesus because someone had THE conversation with us. We know we should have it with others... but we are often stopped by our fears. Fear that we’ll mess it up. Fear that we’ll say the wrong thing. Fear that something we do will put others off God for good.

We’re going to discover that there is simply no possible way that we can get the conversation wrong, and that there is nothing we do can do that will stop someone from becoming a follower of Jesus. Quite simply… we can’t mess it up! All the pressure will be lifted from our shoulders and put squarely on God’s.

We’re going to learn just what it is that God asks of us and what he promises to do through us.