Dubai can seem like a diverse place. We come from countries all over the globe, have a myriad of unique cultural traditions, and are all in different stages of life. As diverse as we are, we do share some basic commonalities. We all have hopes and heartaches. We look forward to the future yet worry about what might be. We all experience disappointment and loss. And no matter how hard we try, we will all die at one time or another.

But what if we also had hope in common?
What if we all experienced a deep joy that triumphs over any disappointment?
What if we possessed unwavering certainty rather than always wondering or worrying?

The good news for us is that Jesus' resurrection that happened over 2000 years ago still has profound impact on our lives in 2019 and beyond. We don’t need to fear death anymore, but instead can truly live! Watch this message from week three of our “Death of Death” series as we continue to unpack the powerful reality of Jesus’ resurrection.